In Touch Wellness Centre is a chiropractic clinic located in Fremantle, W.A.

We specialise in Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle yet very effective form of chiropractic.  We also provide Somato-Respiratory Integration sessions with our Wellness Educator and host a number of workshops and free information evenings. Go to our Events Calendar to see what’s coming up next.

Whether you are interested in symptom relief, improving your health and wellbeing, your capacity to cope with stress, better posture or upgrading the quality of your life, our care can help you achieve your goals.

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In Touch News & Articles

Reorganisational Living Workshop

Don’t miss our Reorganisational Living Workshop coming up on 23 June 2018? See our events page for more details.


25 May

Now Open Thursdays!

In Touch Wellness Centre will now be open Thursday Mornings from 9am – 11.30am for appointments! We’re very happy to now be open 5 days per week! Please note, we will close Friday mornings but we are still available as usual Friday afternoons.


30 Apr

April 20th – 30th Holiday Time!

In Touch Wellness Centre will be closed from April 20th – 30th while Dr. Emily Sist takes a short break to New Zealand. We will be responding to phone messages and emails during this to if you’d like to make an appointment for her return.


12 Apr