Q. How long is the appointment time?

A. An NSA session may take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on your level of care and what is needed on the day. Please allow a few minutes after your session to relax and ground yourself before getting back into the car. An S.R.I. session lasts 30 minutes. 

Q. What should I do during the session?

A. Try to focus on your body and your breath, noticing any subtle feelings or changes which may occur. Stay especially focused on the area where the ‘contact’ is made as this spinal gateway is a major key to bringing change in your body.

Q. How should I breathe during the session?

A. Do not overly control the breath during your session, unless instructed to do so; rather try to feel what your body wants to do, allowing any movements or any variability in breathing to occur.

Q. What should I do if I feel different emotions during a session?

A. If any emotions arise during a session, please connect in to these feelings and allow these to be expressed so they can move through you freely. Your body will be releasing stored emotions. Once these are released, you will feel lighter and have less tension in your body.

Q. How will I feel after a session?

A. From your very first session, your body has already begun to make changes. Your session may leave you light-headed for a short while or feeling vague. You may have an increased awareness of your breath or awareness of the tension in your muscles and joints. You may feel more at ease and your breathing deeper.

On some occasions you may notice different emotions surface. Sometimes you’ll feel more energised and at other times you’ll need to rest. You may even notice more pain after a session however if you do, this is likely to self-resolve within 24-48 hours. Your body is making lots of changes, although some may be quite subtle.

 Q. What are the benefits of Network Care:

A. A large retrospective study around the world showed network care brings significant improvement in many areas of well being (Blanks et al, 1996).

1) Physical: reduced pain, improved flexibility, more energy, fewer cold & flu symptoms and fewer headaches

2) Psychological wellbeing: more positive feelings about self, less depression/anxiety, improved temper, less concern with small things, better concentration, more interest in life and improved relationships

3) Life enjoyment: Increased relaxation & wellbeing, open to guidance by inner feelings; more compassion for others

4) Lifestyle changes: More regular exercise, start of Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, relaxation, healthier foods and less need for medications.

5) Quality of life: more self-awareness, ability to adapt to change; handle problems better, overall contentment with life, more job satisfaction.

Q. What if I need to change or reschedule an appointment:

A. Your chiropractor has advised you on the schedule of network care and S.R.I. It is important to try to follow these recommendations to ensure you get the best for your self and your health goals. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible and that you make an alternative time as close to the original appointment as possible. PLEASE NOTE: if you cancel your appointment on the day or you miss an appointment, a missed appointment fee will apply. Please see our fee schedule for amount of that fee.